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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Gnar, Gnar...
I just read the latest Wired issue (11.10) and it was amazing. Where else can you find in in a single issue of a magazine articles about the following....
- "Till Death Do Us Part" - an inside story of what went wrong in the seperation surgery of conjoined twins Laleh and Ladan Bijani.
- "Go, Skid Racer, Go!" - a very well-written article on the anime-inspired, mostly-underground, fishtailing ballet of burning rubber.
- "Extreme Makeover" - Mods!!
- "The Fast-Forward, On-Demand, Network-Smashing Future of Television" - my next PC will be black, rack-styled, and in my living room. Think Freevo.
- "How Ravenous Soviet Viruses Will Save the World" - whoa... great read. Read it twice to try and understand it, but I still don't.
- "SuperProducers" - Interesting profiles of young, radical producers behind much of the popular music you hear today and how they are moving into the spotlight. They make me wanna work harder. (I stole that from a quote in the story).
- Misc... Big Champagne; Your Guide to New York Spycams; Half-Life 2's bone-crushing physics; The world's toniest subdivisions; a great layout on military flying drones and their evolution and uses; a blurb about an alarm triggered by the ultrasonic sound of a graffiti artist's spray can; how MIT is hacking light rays to increase optical bandwidth (huh?); the tech of UPS; TriggerFingers (Netflix for your Playstation2, Halo-Box, or GayCube); new Tivo-driven Hard-drive TV devices with DVD burners (mmmmm....)


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