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Friday, March 16, 2007

MAME pics... 2 years later...

I took about 200 pictures a couple of years ago when I built a MAME cabinet. I had grand plans of creating a long, detailed article on how I put it together, where I got all the parts, etc. But, you know how grand plans go! So, I just decided to take about 100 of the pictures and put them on my web album. Let me be very clear that I would've never been able to do this without the guidance of my buddy Damon White! He did all the research and basically told me all the parts to order and from where. He built an almost identical cabinet at the same time. I put mine together myself, but he did all the research to make sure we were getting all the correct parts, etc. I think I called him about 20 times from Home Depot and Radio Shack! Thanks Damon!

It's amazing how reliable this thing has been. We've played it a LOT in the last 2 years and I've had no trouble except for some buttons that worked loose and had to be tightened.

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